Why I'm Running

To Serve the people of District 6

Kenny is a hands-on district representative, working with neighborhood leaders to improve public safety. He holds quarterly Town Halls, attends neighborhood meetings and regularly speaks to civic organizations. Kenny believes accessible elected officials are more accountable elected officials.

Kenny has been a loyal voice for fiscal restraint, questioning the viability of projects such as the $75m street car, $49m in upgrades to two arenas and a $25m amateur sports complex!


Kenny has garnered the Support from sensible leadership

Congressman Richard Hudson
Robin Hayes, former Congressman
Senator Bob Rucho
Senator Jeff Tarte
Representative Dan Bishop
Representative Charlie Jeter
Representative John Bradford
Representative Bill Brawley
Representative Rob Bryan
Representative Jacqueline Schaffer
Honorable Ed McMahan
Honorable Ruth Samuelson
Meck. Co. Commissioner Jim Puckett
Meck. Co. Matthew Ridenhour
Karen Bentley, former Meck. Co. Commissioner
Andy Dulin, Former Charlotte City Council District 6
John Lassiter, Former City Charlotte City Council At-Large
Kaye McGarry, Former CMS School Board
Lynn Wheeler, former Mayor Pro Tem Charlotte City Council
Ned Curran, Bissell Companies
Frank Dowd IV, Chairman of the Board, Charlotte Pipe

To My Constituents

I will seek re-election

It is hard to believe that it has been two years since I first wrote you to announce my candidacy for Charlotte City Council. I am excited to let you know that I will seek re-election for Charlotte City Council District 6. During my first year of service I have been a strong advocate for fiscal restraint, well-planned development, and the elimination of excessive government regulation that stifles economic growth. My guiding principle has been to protect taxpayers’ money as if it were my own. I have kept my promise to hold government to the same standard as the citizens who foot the bill.

Your support was critical to the success of my initial campaign. Without your help knocking on doors, placing yard signs, introducing me to neighbors, delivering campaign materials, working the polls, and financial resources I would not have won my first race. It truly was a team effort. As we embark on our new journey, I hope I can count on your continued support.

The 2014 election results in Mecklenburg County reinforced the critical importance of a well- financed campaign. I hope you will consider sending a campaign kick-off contribution of $25, $50, $100, $500, or whatever amount fits your budget to help defend my seat from a challenger who does not hold the taxpayer in the same high regard. You can also donate online at www.electkennysmith.com.

Over the course of the past year, I have spent many nights away from my family and long hours away from my full-time job in service to my constituents and friends. Although there are days that I come home tired, when my alarm clock goes off the next morning I am ready to tackle the challenges our city faces.

It is an honor to serve on Charlotte City Council. I humbly ask you to join my team again and help get Charlotte back on track. Thank you in advance for your support, prayers and words of encouragement. And remember- you vote, we win!

Kenny Smith

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